Rental Manager

Replace manual rental tracking tools and processes (especially spreadsheets and binder/whiteboard tracking) with Rental Manager.

Track and Share Equipment Rental Statuses

Geoforce’s Rental Manager allows equipment rental companies to manage all of their rental assets through a centralized application, simplifying their tracking process and improving their customer satisfaction by giving their customers full visibility and reducing billing disputes. Rental customers can rest assured that every rental ticket is supported by GPS tracking data so they can verify that every invoice is both complete and accurate before it is sent.


Manage assets through a centralized application, verify time on site, and increase visibility for both you and your customers while simplifying tracking and improving customer satisfaction.

  • Verify rental invoices for customer/supplier transparency
  • Locate assets on rent and audit billing based on GPS location
  • View rental statistics and location information all on one screen
  • Identify every rig, well, platform and custom jobsite with GIS data
  • View days on site for all assets
  • Pass-through visibility to your customers with child accounts and reports

Additional Features


Resolve rental invoicing issues by verifying actual days on site with indisputable third party generated facts.

2. Filter by Location or Groups

Identify rental sites by rig or platform name, lease block or other named location to provide equipment location in meaningful and specific terms.

3. Additional Asset-by-Asset Detail

View days each asset spent on site or in a yard and identify which of those days on site were covered by an existing ticket.

4. At-a-Glance Account Statistics

View the status of any piece of equipment in your fleet on one screen.

5. Web Services and APIs Available

If you don’t want to use out built-in functionality to manage your rentals, we offer straight-forward integrations to external RTMS systems while still allowing you to leverage the power of Rental Manager.


View the status of your entire rental program across vendors for a quick, user-friendly overview of rental invoice accuracy.