GPS Installation and Deployment Services

Geoforce GPS tracking is designed to install securely for maximum performance and reliability.

Our Geoforce Certified Field Service Technicians ensure swift and proper installation of all tracking devices – regardless of the equipment type. Once devices are installed, our Customer Success Managers will help ensure your application is configured properly. That helps get your GPS tracking initiative moving faster.

Installation and Deployment Services

Pre-deployment planning

  • Before you deploy your assets, Geoforce’s expert planning assistance will help you optimize your field operations. Thorough planning is a crucial first step when we begin working with customers in the oil and gas, construction, agriculture, transportation, mining, rail, and government and defense industries – from using data to identify areas where you could benefit from our GPS tracking devices to providing guidance on how to best utilize Geoforce software to increase efficiency and field safety.

Engineering assessments

  • Our knowledgeable Geoforce Certified Field Service Technicians will evaluate your needs and recommend the right solution for your fleet. We take into consideration the industry you work in – then we determine the solution for your assets that will stand up to the specific demands of your field, from ATEX/IECEx-certified GPS tracking devices for use in Zone 0 hazardous environments to devices with indoor visibility, and more.

On-site installations

  • Each customer’s dedicated Customer Success Managers will guide you through all the necessary steps to activate tracking for your assets. Your assigned team can come to you to guide you through the initial implementation of Geoforce’s GPS devices and tracking software. Our hassle-free on-site installation services save our customers time and money – helping you get back to your field operations with speed and efficiency.

Battery replacements

  • Our GPS devices use long-lasting batteries, minimizing your need to replace them. Battery life depends on the number of transmits per day but will last anywhere from one to 10 years. When it’s time to replace a battery, our process is simple – reach out to your Customer Success Managers to place your request and we’ll get it shipped right to you!


  • To avoid delays in your field operations and protect your profit, Geoforce provides a variety of hands-on and online troubleshooting resources. Our specially trained Field Service Technicians provide convenient hand-on troubleshooting services for our customers in the field. Rather troubleshoot on your own? In addition to hands-on services, we offer a variety of webinars, videos, user guides and online help to troubleshoot potential issues with your GPS devices and asset management software.

Trained Field Service Technicians

  • Tell us about your needs – we’re here to help! We provide installation support and troubleshooting of all GPS tracking devices for non-powered equipment, powered equipment and vehicles. Their expertise and experience enable our customers to protect their investment and gain control of their field operations.