Driver Safety

Enabling compliance with HOS and DVIR regulations while reducing dangerous activity

Driver safety metrics that matter

Proactively identify risk areas, reduce liability and promote a positive culture of driver safety with Advanced Driver Scorecard. Unlike many other scorecard reports, this comprehensive risk management tool is designed to provide both supervisors and individuals with detailed performance data that offers a clear view into driver performance and safety, allowing managers to measure what matters while incentivizing operators to perform at their best.

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By pairing Geotab devices with Geoforce’s ELD solution, you can track compliance with ELD and HOS regulation. Electronic logs remove the loopholes of tracking hours of service with paper logs, ensuring that drivers have had the proper rest and making roads safer for everyone.

ELDs will help you save time, money and lives by letting you reduce paperwork, increase the efficiency of record-keeping and inspections, minimize violations, prevent accidents, deliver real-time access to information, provide up-to-date logbook information to law enforcement/DOT, and improve your CSA safety ratings by managing the factors that drive your HOS BASIC score.

  • Provide drivers weekly automatic reports delivered straight to their inbox
  • Reward good behavior while identifying key risk areas such as braking, hard acceleration and speeding
  • Empower drivers with personalized information they need to self-correct improve specific areas of performance on their own
  • Leverage individual, group and organization-wide reporting to improve driver safety across all levels of the organization

Monitor behavior across your fleet to gain visibility into changing trends in driver behavior. Moving driver logistics data out of spreadsheets and into comprehensive driver safety scorecards lets you see collective activity in one pane of glass.

Organization-wide, division-based, and driver-specific reporting allows for comparative analysis and applied learning on both a micro and macro level.

Industries using Geoforce for Driver Safety

  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Waste Management
  • Construction
  • Forestry
  • And More…

Assets Tracked

  • Light Duty Trucks
  • Heavy Duty Trucks
  • Fleet Cars
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Field Service Vehicles
  • And More…

We needed something where I could get my hands on the truck without actually flying to the truck. Geotab provided that. I could look at the engine and the transmission and never leave my office. We can do maintenance now based on mileage and time, instead of waiting until the truck breaks down. It helps our costs. It helps keep the truck productive. We’re not making any money if the truck’s sitting in the garage.

-DJ Harrison National Fleet Manager
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