Interstate Batteries

Interstate improves vehicle health, reduces idling, and cuts maintenance costs by 10%

Interstate Batteries, a leading supplier of batteries to thousands of garages, retail outlets, repair facilities, and vehicle dealerships across North America, has earned a reputation for reliable, timely service. Their company slogan of “Outrageously Dependable® service” shows their strong commitment to customers.

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Delivering the right product at the right time means Interstate Batteries needs to keep its vehicles in top shape. An unplanned truck breakdown or repair can impact both customer service and profitability. Obtaining regular information of the state of the vehicles was a challenge, said DJ Harrison, Interstate’s National Fleet Manager. “We’d have to rely on the driver or reach out to the local manager.” Unfortunately, as each local manager spent time collecting mileage data or inspecting trucks, they were taken away from their regular duties. Harrison says, “Instead of selling batteries, he was trying to take care of his trucks.”


Interstate chose to implement Geotab’s vehicle tracking solution through Geoforce. To date, Geoforce has provided installation, training and configuration services through its in-house network of field service technicians to nearly 40 Interstate distributors across the US and Canada. Geoforce’s ability to provide local “boots on the ground” throughout North America has simplified and sped up the installation process, which has proven critical to the roll out to Interstate’s entire distributor network. In addition, Geoforce continues to provide support and services to help distributors streamline operations. This support has included providing critical vehicle and driver behavior data to regional managers and centralized management in order for them to proactively manage their fleets.


Interstate Batteries has removed about an hour of idling per day per truck which translates to fuel savings, lower vehicle maintenance costs, and fewer emissions. Multiply one less hour of idling per day by 600+ trucks and you have significant savings over time. Maintenance costs were cut approximately 10%. All of this has led to greater revenue and less cost, as well as minimized risk of accidents and potential legal consequences.