Weeks Marine

Weeks Marine is 25% More Efficient, Flexible and Responsive with Geoforce Asset Tracking

Weeks Marine uses asset tracking technology to help them keep track of their fleet of assets over many locations. They quickly discovered that it could also help them streamline operations, reduce maintenance costs and improve compliance.


100, %

visibility increase across 2 continents

~ 150,

assets tracked

25, %

efficiency gain

Problem Solved
Asset Utilization,
Operational Efficiency


Asset Location and Time Savings

Weeks Marine boasts one of the largest and most diverse fleets in the maritime industry. The variety and volume of those assets pose daily operational challenges. The dredging division, with operations along the entire eastern seaboard, gulf coasts and inland waterways,  manages 150 barges, dredges, and cranes, plus a fleet of land-based dozers and excavators that are always on the job or on the move. In that hectic environment, even large assets are surprisingly hard to track.


Accurate GPS Asset Tracking

Weeks’ equipment group launched a pilot project to test Geoforce GPS asset tracking on two barges. Instantly, their location could be accurately tracked via Geoforce’s Track and Trace software application as they moved anywhere in the world. Weeks Marine was impressed with the results and proceeded to install asset trackers on all of the company’s dredging floating assets.


Proactive Maintenance

While visibility into asset location was the primary motivation to invest in Geoforce, Weeks Marine soon discovered many other valuable applications for the technology.

For powered equipment such as cranes, they now use trackers that report engine runtime as well as location and alert them when maintenance is due.

“This helps us better manage our preventive maintenance programs, effectively reducing cost and downtime.”

Streamlined Compliance

Managing the regulatory compliance process, in particular the EPA’s Vessel General Permit (VGP), was another challenge that Geoforce’s software has helped improve for Weeks Marine.

Timely and Accurate Reporting

With maintenance and compliance under control, the company continues to discover additional ways to leverage Geoforce asset tracking. Weeks Marine is looking at setting up geofencing to ensure that their vessels are able to meet environmental and geographical restrictions.

In the finance department, Geoforce reports are replacing the time-consuming task of manually recording the miles accumulated on their boats for tax purposes.

Building on the success of asset tracking for the dredging division, Weeks Marine is hoping to roll out Geoforce on additional assets in its construction fleet in the near future.

“We’re always expanding, and Geoforce has proven to be a reliable partner in asset management.”