With a huge inventory of non-powered equipment, Bejac needed a reliable and effective method to track and locate these costly rental assets to prevent losses.

Headquartered in Placentia, CA (locations across CA, as well as NV and UT). Heavy equipment rental, sales and service. Offer a variety of new and used equipment, primarily for Construction. www.bejac.com

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Preventing non-powered equipment loss 

Need to effectively track non-powered equipment, especially construction attachments such as buckets.

The owner has estimated that the company faced hundreds of thousands of dollars in prior-year write-offs due to lost attachments alone.


Tracking equipment assets to reduce replacement frequency

Beginning in June of 2021, Bejac began installing GT0 trackers on all implements and attachments, and the company continues to receive additional devices for use on other assets.

The durability and extended service life of Geoforce devices give Bejac a lower total cost of ownership and reduced replacement frequency.

Helping Bejac avoid the loss of just one bucket can yield anywhere from $30,000 to $300,000 in savings.


Preventing equipment loss and reducing missed rental days

With the help of an implementation and reporting template used for one of Geoforce’s other Construction customers, Bejac was able to install and configure devices quickly and easily.

Geoforce devices have given Bejac full visibility into rental equipment location, and they have proven durable enough for very rugged construction applications.

Key performance metrics include reduced missed rental days and avoidance of potential equipment loss/theft.

Bejac expanded their tracker usage throughout the year, and some of their customers have expressed interest in Geoforce trackers.