Geoforce Awarded Patent for Tracking and Monitoring Radioactive Materials in Containers and Oilfield Operations

Invention addresses safety concerns related to transporting and handling containers with radioactive materials inside them. 

Geoforce, Inc. (www.geoforce.com ), the largest provider of GPS asset tracking solutions for the oil and gas industry, announced today it has been awarded a patent for its invention related to ensuring safety while transporting and handling containers with radioactive contents.

Patent #12/288,909Method, apparatus, and systems for remotely monitoring the location and usage history of radioactive materials stored with a shielded container or overpack, was granted by the United Stated Patent and Trademark Office on August 7, 2012.

“Tracking and monitoring specialized containers that are used to transport radioactive materials is crucial for public safety,” said James MacLean, III, President & CEO of Geoforce. “These containers are used throughout the oilfield but also in applications in other industries. We are especially pleased to be awarded a patent for a solution that has both commercial applications and provides important health & safety benefits.”

“Our technology will enable devices that not only track where containers are, but can also positively confirm whether the radioactive material is inside or not,” said Jason Wible, Vice President of Business Development at Geoforce. “With this data we can also send alerts. For example, if a transport container is moving without the radioactive material properly secured inside, our customers want to know.  This will tell them.”

Geoforce anticipates multiple commercial applications of the solution, both in its own products and in licensed technology.   

About Geoforce, Inc.

Geoforce employs various wireless technologies: satellite and cellular-based GPS tags, RFID systems and a powerful Cloud based software platform and enterprise grade web services to track oil and gas assets around the world.  Geoforce’s intuitive, reliable and scalable technology, developed through extensive oil and gas industry experience, provides customers with on-demand access to unique operational insight. With the largest satellite asset tracking deployment in the oilfield, Geoforce is proven to increase efficiency, transparency and profits.

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About Geoforce

Combining a cloud-based software platform with ruggedized GPS tracking devices, Geoforce’s Track and Trace solutions bring control to even the most remote field operations. Our asset tracking devices are built for the world’s toughest field operators in these industries: oil and gasrailconstructionminingtransportationgovernment/defense, and agriculture. Today more than 1,300 customers track 150,000+ assets in almost 100 countries. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Geoforce operates a research and development office in Bozeman, Montana. Sales and support offices are maintained throughout the U.S. and in Brazil, Australia, and Canada.

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