Geoforce Announces Agreement with Major Government Contractors for GT2s Field Testing


August 05, 2020 – Plano, Texas – Geoforce, a leading global provider of satellite and cellular-based tracking and monitoring solutions, today announced that it has reached agreements with multiple government contracting partners to field test its new Iridium Connected® satellite asset tracking device, the GT2s. The GT2s is the revolutionary next generation of solar powered asset tracking technology, ideal for government applications like In-Transit Visibility (ITV), as it is purpose-built to operate reliably and autonomously for years around the globe, even when sunlight is scarce. The GT2s is the latest addition to the proven GT asset tracking family.

The ultra-rugged and secure satellite-based GT2s is designed to reliably perform in variable and low-light conditions in a variety of harsh, rugged environments. The earliest working GT2s prototypes were shown to the US Army in April 2019 and deployed to support a demonstration for the 8th Army during TechNet Korea 2019. Since then, the GT2s has achieved the most stringent environmental testing to military standards, validating industrial operating temperatures (-40C to +85C / -40F to +185F), water ingress (IP68/69+), shock, thermal shock, operational vibration, salt fog, component reliability, and more. Geoforce continues to seek additional federal and other government entities and distribution partners to take delivery of units for field testing.

Solar-powered asset tracking devices have typically promised to provide a low-maintenance way to track and gain operating data from non-powered equipment in outdoor locations due to their ability to continually recharge their batteries. However, solar-powered devices have demonstrated reliability issues in industrial settings from dirty or obstructed solar panels, failed packaging, limited operating temperature and degraded battery capacity over time. For these reasons using solar power for asset tracking has been limited to commercial and consumer applications.

The GT2s solves these problems as it can operate reliably and provide data consistently in variable lighting conditions for up to 10 years without maintenance through the use of an innovative dual-power system where solar rechargeable batteries are supplemented as needed by a separate high-capacity battery. “The Covid-19 pandemic caused a delay in the 2020 GT2s production schedule, but we’re thankful that the hard work of our team here at Geoforce has put us back on track,” said James Maclean III, CEO of Geoforce. “I’m excited to get the GT2s in the field to allow our government partners to leverage the long-life promised by solar-power with the rugged, maintenance-free utility Geoforce devices provide heavy industry.”

The GT2s will be available for government and authorized customers to use on the US government’s dedicated Iridium gateway through the EMSS contract managed by Air Force Space Command. Iridium’s latest EMSS contract, awarded in September of 2019, enables users to implement global tracking solutions through the dedicated DoD gateway with unlimited satellite airtime included.

Manufactured to the highest ISO 9001:2015 quality standards, the GT2s consistently delivers both the expected performance longevity and reliability from device to device. This means the GT2s is the first solar-powered asset tracking device to satisfy a wide swathe of military, government and industrial uses, particularly for in-transit visibility and situational awareness.

Potential partners and government agencies with interest in the GT2s, as well as the companion GT2c (cellular) and GT2h (hybrid cellular and satellite) should contact Miranda Solutions Group (703-239-3862 or [email protected]). Miranda coordinates Geoforce’s activities in the global Government/Defense space, managing distribution to primes and subcontractors, as well as all EMSS-related activities.




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