ProPetro minimizes human error and performs preventative maintenance proactively

ProPetro Services is an oil and gas services company headquartered in Midland, Texas. ProPetro provides independent services for drilling, fracturing, cementing and coil tubing.

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ProPetro needed to better understand and manage asset utilization and the overall location of their assets. In addition, they wanted a central location to track maintenance records.


Geoforce provides ProPetro with a single application to manage their powered and non-powered assets, as well as, light vehicles and tractors. The Geoforce Track and Trace application provides ProPetro with reliable logistics and transparency.


ProPetro can now anticipate market movement from one resource play to another. By keeping maintenance records in the Geoforce application, ProPetro minimizes human error and is able to perform preventative maintenance proactively. In addition, ProPetro can locate vehicles, and update registration stickers, DOT compliance and state inspections in the Geoforce system. Geoforce solutions allow ProPetro to set up geo-fences to alert a group when an asset needing maintenance enters the yard. With a key business goal of increased utilization, the Geoforce application provides critical reporting on assets with low utilization, so management can take action when needed.

“Geoforce provided our team with an easy to use solution that erased the worry that comes along with not knowing for certain where your equipment is located.” – Hayes Penland, PROPETRO