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Powering more efficient worksites with GPS-based location data.

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Rugged Asset Tracking, On and Off the Grid

Whether you are building the solar field of the future, or repairing power lines after a storm, knowing where your equipment is at all times is important to the success of your operations. Take the guesswork out of your business with rugged GPS tracking devices connected to our global, cloud-based software. With cellular, satellite, and hybrid connectivity options, our solutions work wherever your equipment is deployed.

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Proven Durability

Fully-encapsulated and HALT tested devices are rugged enough to withstand the harshest conditions you work in.

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Own Applications

With service verification, compliance management, and advanced vehicle tracking, our software solutions do the heavy lifting for you.

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Build a solution that meets the unique needs of your business with our combination of rugged devices and software.

We used to log the location of our bins in an Excel sheet, keep paperwork orders on file and physically drive to the site to verify the location. It took hours and even days to track these assets. Now, we achieve the same result with a report that takes five minutes to generate.

-Curtis Fox Ponder Environmental Area Manager
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Locate valuable equipment and plan field operations

Know where your equipment is located at all times, reducing lost time and money from misplaced or lost assets.

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Stay connected when storms impact communication

Satellite and hybrid options mean that you don’t have to rely on cellular networks when storms impact operations or when equipment is out of cellular coverage.

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Ensure equipment is certified and reduce downtime on jobs

With Compliance Check’s usage-based and time-based alerts, play a more active role in the preventative maintenance and certification of your mixed fleet.

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Turn equipment faster, increase asset utilization

Increase the level of service efficiency you provide your core customers by utilizing GPS-based systems to more efficiently locate and retrieve equipment.