Increase operational efficiency and utilization without reinventing the wheel.

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Total control, anywhere in the world.

You need tracking devices you can trust to deliver consistent, accurate location data no matter where on the globe your assets travel. Geoforce asset trackers are field tested to withstand harsh conditions. Remote locations are no problem, either—Geoforce devices run on some of the world’s best satellite and cellular networks for unparalleled visibility and responsiveness.

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Works with your existing system

Geoforce devices work with your existing rail logistics systems for increased operational efficiency.

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Increase Asset Velocity

Decrease costs by identifying idle time spent at rail stations, border crossings, or in a yard to get back on the tracks as quickly as possible.

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Recover lost equipment

Remotely monitor boxcars, tankers and hoppers with GPS asset tracking solutions to make asset recovery quick and simple.

Geoforce enabled us to apply our business intelligence to the data provided… We develop our own reports that help our clients with the calculations of cycles, identifying where and how long assets are in transit. This allows the recovery of rental costs from their final customers, which translates into real savings that were not possible without this technology.

-Reynaldo Guimaraes Fleet Manager
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Increase asset velocity

Get idle railcars back on track and decrease dwell times and demurrage charges. Use Geofencing to identify time spent at rail stations, border crossings, or in a yard.

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Recover lost equipment

Remotely monitor boxcars, tankers, and hoppers via GPS asset tracking solutions to watch location when they become decoupled from the train during shunting or switching.

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maximize equipment utilization

Generate utilization and telemetry reports for your railcars’ location and usage to help determine if you have one sitting that can be used at another location.

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Eliminate invoice discrepancies

Share billing information with third party users to better coordinate timing of shipments and eliminate invoice discrepancies.

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Perform inventory in a snap

Tie GIS data to the location of a railcar to automatically produce an accurate gauge of the number of days an asset has been on site.

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Calculate accurate arrival time

Utilize GIS data to calculate accurate estimated time of arrival (ETA) for just-in-time rail operations.